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Best Places to Buy Flat Screen TVs in Kenya

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If you are looking to buy quality genuine flat screen TVs in Kenya, where you buy it from is very important. Here are the top places to buy a genuine and quality flat screen TV in Kenya.

Online Shops

With many Kenyans embracing e-commerce, one of the best places to buy your TV is through online shops. Online TV shops give you convenience as most will deliver the TV to your doorsteps. Kindly ensure the online shop you choose to buy from is reputable and reliable.

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Luthuli Avenue

Luthuli Avenue has been christened the ‘electronics hub of Kenya’. It’s like one huge electronic store in Nairobi where you will find all sorts of electronics. According to a Daily Nation Report, 28% of all electronics sold in Kenya are sold in Downtown Nairobi with Luthuli Avenue being the nerve center.

In Luthuli, you will definitely find pocket friendly TVs of all brands. You will find genuine TVs in addition to cheap flat screen Chinese imitation TV brands. These imitation brands have names like Samsong, LC, SONNY and other Chinese imitation brands.  These imitation TVs are ‘not fake’ and work perfectly. They only tend to confuse buyers who think they are buying original products. Here is our list of Cheap TVs In Kenya

The best thing when buying a TV in Luthuli is to walk around asking for quotes of the TV you want to buy. This is to ensure you get the best price. Once you identify a shop you feel is offering the best price, ensure two things. The flat screen TV is tested and you are given a warranty before leaving the store. NEVER BUY A TV THAT HAS NO WARRANTY. For Kenyans who like bargaining, Luthuli is the best place to nature and grow your bargaining ability.

Jumia Kenya

Ever since its launch in 2013, Jumia Kenya has grown to become the fastest growing seller of electronics in Kenya. An online shopping survey done in Kenya in 2016 showed that by 2019, Jumia will be the single largest electronic store in Kenya accounting for 30% of all electronics gadgets sales in the country.

One major reason why more Kenyans are buying their flat screen TVs from Jumia is due to convenience, quality guarantee, and affordability and delivery service. Jumia flat screen TVs come with a warranty and people have a 7 day period in which they can return the TV and get a full refund. Jumia Kenya TV prices are also pocket friendly with several discounts and offers that even makes these TVs much cheaper.

Whether you are in Maragua, Kilifi, Oyugis, Narok, Wajir or any remote town in Kenya, you can be sure Jumia will deliver your TV within the stipulated period. One more advantage is that you will only pay for the TV once it has been delivered.

Major Supermarkets

One other place you can buy your TV is at major supermarket chains like Naivas, Tuskys, Carrefour and Eastmatt. These supermarkets have electronic sections in all their stores countrywide. At this section, you will be able to find and buy genuine flat screen TVs. Buying a TV in these supermarkets has its own advantages as in addition to buying a genuine and tested TV, you will also get a warranty.

When compared with other sellers, many supermarket TV prices are generally higher. Among the major supermarkets in kenya Naivas TV prices in Kenya are generally the best. Many kenyans however use supermarkets for window shopping. Kenyans have a very peculiar behavior where they visit Naivas stores to see current Naivas TV prices before going to buy the TV at Njuguna’s or Abdi’s  electronic shop that allows them to bargain.