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Hisense 32 Inch TV|Review, Specs and Price

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Hisense 32 Inch HD Smart Digital LED TV

If you are looking for an ideal 32 Inch TV for your home or office, then you should buy a Hisense TV. With a Full HD resolution, vivid colours and incredible picture & sound performance, the Hisense 32 Inch TV is a safe bet for anyone looking for a quality 32 inch TV in Kenya.

There are two versions of this TV in Kenya.

  • Hisense 32 Inch HD Smart Digital LED TV 
  • Hisense 32 Inch HD Digital LED TV

Both these TVs are similar in design, look, and performance. The only difference is that one is smart and the other is not.

Hisense 32 Inch TV Prices In Kenya

Hisense 32 Inch HD Digital LED TV See Price!
Hisense 32 Inch HD Smart Digital LED TV See Price!

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Key Features of Hisense 32 Inch TV

  • 32 inch LED TV
  • Wide Screen Display
  • Excellent sound system- Dolby Digital, automatic volume Level(AVL)
  • Internet ready- Ethernet port and Wi-Fi support
  • Multimedia support- 2HDMI and 2 USB ports
  • Digital ready with inbuilt decoder
  • Smart TV-For Smart version only
  • Full HD Resolution
  • Supports variety of image and video formats
  • 1 year Warranty

Hisense 32 Inch TV Full Specification

Display32 Inch LED Screen
HD Resolution‎‎:‎‎ 1‎‎366 x 768
VideoPureColor Technology
Wide Screen Display
USB Media Player
AudioAuto Volume Leveler‎‎ , Sound Equalizer
Dolby Sound technology
Connectivity2 HDMI, 1 USB, 1 RF Cable
Digital TVYES, DVB-T2
Hi-Media Digital Player
Smart TV- For Smart VersionYES- Roku Smart TV
Web Browser,
Streaming Apps, Netflix, Google Play
Additional Features Hotel lock submenu
Personal Video Recorder
Energy Efficiency A +
1 Year Warranty

Detailed Review of Hisense 32 Inch TV

True to Life Picture Clarity
This Hisense TV comes with new improved HD technology which ensures much crisper pictures on your TV and a better true to life clarity. Additionally, LED back lighting also helps in delivery of quality pictures in an energy efficient way. Its 32 inch Flat Screen LED display generates amazingly crisp, clear and razor sharp images free of motion blur. It also has an excellent sound system with an Automatic Volume Level controller (AVL) powered by Dolby Digital technology.

Inbuilt Digital Decoder & Personal Video Recorder
Once you purchase the 32 Inch Hisense TV, you do not need to purchase a decoder as it comes with an inbuilt digital decoder. This will give you access to free to air TV channels. With over 50 free to air TV channels in Kenya, your TV will give you access to all these channels and you will greatly save on monthly TV charges.

With an inbuilt PVR, you can easily record your favorite TV shows on an external memory. The PVR ensures no degradation of images or sound which ensure you have high quality recordings of your favorite TV shows.

Smart TV with Pre-installed Netflix
The Hisense 32 Inch HD Smart Digital LED TV is a smart TV. It supports internet connectivity and comes with pre-installed streaming apps. One such is Netflix, a leading movie and TV show streaming company. With this 32 inch digital TV, you only need internet connectivity to download enjoy your favorite movie or series. You can also watch your favorite music video via YouTube, without the need to download them.

Multimedia Support
The  TV have been built with connectivity as a main selling point. To enable you to connect to any multimedia device like external USB, DVD, decoders and gaming devices. The TV comes with several ports including 2 HDMI ports, video ports, cable port and 2 USB ports. In addition to its ultra slim design, this Hisense TV comes with a modern glass stand. This compliments its design and home decor.