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Hisense 49 Inch Full HD Digital Smart LED TV | Review, Specs & Price

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Hisense 49-inch Full HD Digital Smart LED TV

Hisense TVs in Kenya have quickly gained popularity in the TV market due to their affordability and reliability. The 49 Inch Hisense Full HD digital smart LED TV is no exception. It is an amazing television screen that offers stunning picture quality, incredible features and superior performance. Like all Hisense television screens, this screen will definitely impress you.

The Hisense 49 Inch Full HD Digital Smart LED TV makes use of LED-backlit panels which provide incredible and deep images. They offer superior picture quality with great contrast, a good color balance, sharp images and decent back levels.

Hisense 49 Inch TV Price in Kenya


Key Features Of Hisense 49 Inch TV

  • 49 inch LED Display Screen
  • Full HD Resolution‎‎ of 1080ppi
  • Connectivity:3 HDMI,2 USB, VGA
  • D-LED Technology.
  • Dolby Sound technology
  • Smart TV with Built-in WIFI
  • Automatic volume level 
  • Inbuilt digital decoder
  • Viewing Angle: 164°/124°
  • 1 year Warranty

Detailed Review of Hisense 49 Inch TV


The Hisense 49 Inch full HD digital smart LED TV uses an LED-backlit panel that delivers high quality images that are sharp and detailed. The images on the screen are of superior quality with decent back levels.

The LED-backlit panel also reduces the motion blur which is increasingly important as the screen size gets larger.

In addition, the screen has a 1920 x 1080 native resolution and a 4000:1 contrast ratio that works together with the LED-backlit panel to provide clear and detailed images and greater contrast between the different hues.

Hisense 49-inch Full HD Digital Smart LED TV

Like most Hisense models, the television offers all this performance in a slim, compact and modern design.

Smart TV

The Hisense 49 Inch full HD digital smart LED TV runs on the android platform. The operating system functions in a similar way to a smartphone operating system.

The TV also comes with pre-installed applications that include: YouTube, iHeart Radio, Amazon Radio and Netflix. However, you could also customize your experience by purchasing additional applications and even games from the Opera TV store to make your user experience even better.

This 49 Inch Hisense TV allows you to connect to wireless internet wither through Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. Internet connectivity on a TV has multiple benefits. It will allow you to keep tabs on your social network platforms, access on-demand multimedia content and even make video calls for teleconferencing.

This smart TV has built-in Wi-Fi that will allow you to connect to your home network to access streaming services that will allow you to access a wide range of movies and shows through the VIDAA U web browser.

One Touch Remote Control

To make it better, the remote control of the TV comes with ‘one-touch’ hot keys which are designed to help you quickly navigate the system to access the application of choice. The remote control is also Bluetooth enabled.

Multimedia Support

This Hisense 49 Inch TV has 1 AV Component, 1 AV Composite, 2 USB ports, 3 HDMI ports and 1 optical port that allow you to connect your television to external storage devices and external media technology. Through these ports, you could watch movies from a USB stick or even from an external DVD player.

Through one of the USB ports, you could connect an external USB stick to serve as a Personal Video Recorder (PVR). A PVR is a TV recording device, much like the set-top box, only less sophisticated. This allows users to record their favorite shows and even to pause live TV.

The TV also comes with an in-built media player that supports a wide variety of image, audio and video formats.

Digital TV with an In-built Decoder

This Hisense model is digital and it allows you to access free-to-air channels that are available in Kenya, without having to connect your TV to a decoder. The TV also receives un-encrypted satellite signals that provide access to satellite TV channels.

In Kenya, after the digital migration, this is particularly important as it will help you cut costs in purchasing a television decoder and paying for monthly subscriptions from companies such as DSTV and Zuku.

Audio Quality

The TV comes with a stereo speaker system that consists of 2 8W speakers and the DBX-TV audio technology, both of which work together to produce both full and detailed sound, right at the comfort of your home. Hence, the TV saves you the cost of installing a home theatre or a separate speaker system.