Hisense 50-Inch Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV|Review, Specs & Price

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Hisense 50 Inch smart 4K ultra HD LED TV

The Hisense 50 Inch smart 4K ultra HD LED TV offers a cinema-like entertainment experience characterized by sharp, clear and detailed images and superior audio quality. With this high end Hisense TV, you do not need to purchase a home theater system or an additional sound system as the sound produced is already full and detailed.

The Hisense 50 Inch TV is ideal for both domestic and commercial use. It could be used in offices and other commercial centers for marketing purposes or for video conferencing through Skype. If the screen is for domestic purposes, then you should ensure that there is a 6 – 9 feet distance between your coach and the television area for the best viewing experience.

Hisense 50 Inch Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV Price in Kenya


Key Features Of Hisense 50 Inch Smart TV

  • 50 inch LED Display Screen
  • Ultra 4K UHD Resolution‎‎
  • PureColor Technology
  • Dolby Sound technology
  • Multimedia support
  • Hotel mode settings
  • Pre-installed video streaming services
  • Internet Ready
  • Inbuilt digital decoder
  • Energy Efficiency class A 
  • 1 year Warranty

Detailed Review of Hisense 50 Inch TV


The screen size comes in at 50 inches, delivering a wide and broad view that creates a cinema-like experience right at the comfort of your home. The screen has a 3840 x 2160 resolution that is four times the pixel resolution, hence the name, 4K.

Hisense 50 Inch TV

The 50-inch Hisense Smart 4K ultra HD LED TV uses ELED (Edge backlight), a feature that gives this particular screen an edge over its rivals. This feature makes the TV slimmer and works in conjunction with local dimming to create superior picture quality.

The picture on the screen is divided into 16 local dimming zones that increase the contrast ratio between light and dark images and create life-like pictures on the screen.

Smart TV

This 50 Inch Hisense Smart TV runs on a proficient Quad Core Processor that is a powerful performer with smart content. The television runs on the Opera TV operating system which comes with pre-installed applications that are guaranteed to improve your entertainment experience.

Some of these applications include: YouTube, Amzon, BBC iPlayer and Netflix. Furthermore, you could also purchase additional applications and even games from the Opera TV store to make your user experience even better.

Hisense 50 Inch TV

Additionally, you can connect to the internet either through Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. With this smart TV, you will have access to different streaming services that will allow you to access a wide range of movies and shows. This will allow you to browse and stream media content according to your preferences.

The device also features seamless integration to your other devices. Anyview Cast and Anyview Stream allow you to share content from your smartphone, tablet or computer and share it on your big screen. Sharing photos and videos with friends and family has never been easier!

Multimedia Support

This 50-inch smart 4K ultra HD LED TV has 1 optical port, 2 USB ports and 4 HDMI ports. Two of the HDMI ports are the latest HDMI 2.0 version with HDCP 2.2, making it possible to connect your device to UHD Blu-ray players and 4K HDR streaming services. One of the USB ports is a USB 3.0 version that provides a high speed link to access your media content.

One of the USB ports allows you to connect a USB memory stick for use as a Personal Video Recorder (PVR). This allows you to record your favorite TV programs and even to pause Live TV just like a subscription based set-top box.


Hisense 50 Inch smart 4K ultra HD LED TV model features two built-in speakers that reproduce rich sound characterized by a thumping base and a reverberating stereo thanks to the Dolby Digital audio technology.

The sound system also comes with a sound equalizer that allows you to change the way different tunes and dialogues sound for a customized listening experience. Hence, with this Hisense model both the audio and visual quality is designed to meet all your needs.