Home TV Reviews Hisense 55 Inch Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV|Review, Specs and Price

Hisense 55 Inch Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV|Review, Specs and Price

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HISENSE 55 Inch Full HD Smart Digital TV

If you are looking for the real TV experience where motion and images come to life and it feels like you are there, then you should consider buying the Hisense 55 Inch Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV.  This 55 Inch TV will provide you with theater like experience and is perfect for both home and office use. In fact, it come highly recommended for offices that would like a large screen TV for video conferencing.

The 55 Inch Hisense TV comes with a stylish and elegant black finish that will complement your home decor. You can either choose to mount it on the wall or place it on your TV stand. So far Hisense TVs especially this 55 Inch TV has garnered positive reviews from leading TV review sites worldwide.

Hisense 55 Inch TV Price In Kenya


Key Features Of Hisense 55 Inch TV

  • 55 inch LED Display Screen
  • Full HD Resolution‎‎ of 1920 x 1080
  • PureColor Technology
  • Dolby Sound technology
  • Multimedia support
  • Hotel mode settings
  • Pre-installed video streaming services
  • Internet Ready
  • Inbuilt digital decoder
  • Personal Video Recorder
  • 1 year Warranty

Hisense 55 Inch TV Full Specification

Display55 Inch LED Screen
4K Ultra HD Resolution
VideoPureColor Technology
Wide Screen Display
USB Media Player
AudioAuto Volume Leveler‎‎ , Sound Equalizer
Dolby Sound technology
Connectivity2 HDMI, 1 USB, 1 RF Cable, VGA
Digital TVYES, DVB-T2
Hi-Media Digital Player
Smart TVYES- Roku TV
Web Browser, Streaming App
Additional FeaturesHotel mode settings
Personal Video Recorder
Energy Efficiency A +
1 Year Warranty

Why Buy Hisense 55 Inch TV

Crispy And True To Life Display
Hisense 55 Inch Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV is powered by full High Definition technology which generates stunning and amazing picture quality with four times clarity than normal HD televisions. In addition, it has uses proprietary Hisense PureColor Technology which enhances the color and contrast quality.

Hotel Mode
If you need the perfect TV for commercial use, then the hotel mode function that comes with this 55 Inch TV makes it an obvious choice. Hotel mode function is a settings that allows you to have administrator and guest mode on your TV where different users can set the TV to their desired settings but not interfering with your settings which are set in the administrator mode. Guests will only set the TV to their preference and once they leave, you can reset it back to default.

Multimedia Support
This TV supports multimedia functions as it can be used with any gadgets. It has 3 HDMI, 2 USD, 1 Ethernet, Optical / Digital Audio Output, VGA Input, Component Input (YPbPr) and AV Input. In addition, it has a media player that supports different image, audio and video formats. The Hisense 55 inch TV has PVR function to enable you recorded your favorite movies and TV shows.

Smart TV
The Hisense 55 Inch Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV supports both LAN and Wi-Fi access to the internet. It also comes with pre-installed apps that will take your entertainment experience to the next level. It also has a lip sync adjustment setting to deal with audio and video delays. With a Smart TV, you have access to wide range of movies and series online.

Digital TV With Inbuilt Decorder
The TV is digital and comes with inbuilt decoder. In Kenya, having a digital TV will give you access to over 50 free to air channels without the need for a decoder. In addition, this TV also receives un-encrypted satellite signals that can give you access to free satellite TV channels. Furthermore, the Hisense 55 Inch Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV has a wide viewing angle, meaning no matter your sitting position, you will enjoy watching your favorite show.