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Lightwave 32 Inch HD Digital LED TV; Review, Specs and Price

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Lightwave 32 Inch HD Digital LED TV

If you are looking to buy a new TV for family viewing, then the Lightwave 32 Inch HD Digital LED TV is the best bet for you. Not only is it pocket friendly when compared to similar TVs in the same range, but it also uses proprietary technology to enhance picture quality and deliver an awesome TV viewing experience. The 32 inch Lightwave TV is a good TV for anyone looking a quality and affordable digital TV in Kenya. According to e-commerce site Jumia, The Lightwave 32 Inch HD Digital LED TV was among its most sold TVs in Kenya in 2017

Lightwave 32 Inch HD Digital LED TV Price In Kenya

Lightwave 32 inch TV price in Kenya is very affordable. This TV normally retails for around KES 17,000. Check Current Price!

Key Features Of Lightwave 32 Inch HD Digital LED TV

  • 32 Inch LED Display Screen
  • Enhanced Picture Technology
  • HD Resolution
  • Wide Color Enhancer
  • Digital TV-with Inbuilt Digital Tuner
  • Slim and Appealing Design
  • Multimedia Support-HDMI/USB 2.0/AV-in/VGA ports
  • Supports both AC/DC power
  • Energy saving technology
Key Features of Lightwave 32 Inch TV
Display32 Inch Screen
HD Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Wide Color Enhancer
ConnectivityHDMI/USB 2.0/AV-in/VGA
Digital TV: Inbuilt Decoder
Supports AC/DC Power
Additional FeaturesEnergy Saving TV
Local Dimming Technology
Slim Elegant Design

Why Buy Lightwave 32 Inch HD Digital LED TV

Enhanced Picture Quality
With a maximum screen resolution of 1920×1080, the Lightwave 32 Inch HD Digital LED TV ensures great image quality. It not only supports HD videos, but also uses local dimming technology that enhances contrast. For those not connected to the national grid need not to worry as Lightwave TVs in Kenya supports both electricity and battery power without compromising on performance. unlike other TVs that have no color when used with battery power, you will not see any difference in picture quality when using the Lightwave 32 inch TV on battery.

Multimedia Ports
This Lightwave 32 inch TV comes with several ports including HDMI, USB, VGA and AV-In ports. This makes it possible for you to connect the TV with any of your multimedia devices. Additionally, it also supports Personal Video Recording which enables one to record live TV. Furthermore, this TV is a pocket friendly TV with its selling price at around KES 17,000. This is way below most 32-inch flat screen TVs that offer similar features and performance.

Digital & Energy Saving TV
The built-in digital TV tuner is for connecting your TV to free to air channels without having to buy a decoder. This makes Lightwave tv prices in Kenya more cost effective as you do not have to pay for tv. Despite its enhanced performance, the Lightwave 32 Inch TV consumes very little power thus enabling you save on electricity costs. Moreover, the TV has a power saving system that will dim the screen and even shut down the TV when no one  is watching.

Slim and Appealing Design
This Lightwave 32 inch TV in Kenya has a slim and appealing design that compliments your living room. Additionally, its small frame and light weight means you can place it in any position. this makes the TV ideal in small spaces including bedsitters, kitchens and small sized living rooms. The Light Wave also has a unique and great looking bazel. You can either select to mount it or place it on a TV stand.