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Samsung TVs In Kenya| Detailed Reviews, Specs & Prices

Samsung is a leading TV brand in Kenya and just having a it is a sure guarantee that you have a quality TV. You can never go wrong with this television. Read our detailed review of Samsung TVs in Kenya, including its origin, different TV models available in Kenya with their features & specs and get an updated Samsung TV price list. Though many may feel that Samsung TV prices in Kenya are high, they are simply cost effective and value for money.

Origin of Samsung TV

Samsung is by fact a world leader when it comes to producing superb, well designed TVs that have incredible features and superior performance. They are manufactured by Samsung Electronics, a South Korean company which is currently the biggest seller of televisions in the world.

Since production of its first TV in 1969, They have become a popular brand due to its quality and innovation. It has over the years won several accolades including developing the largest LCD TV screen in the 90s, first to produce flat screen TVs as well as digital TVs.

This TV comes with a rich list of incredible features from superior contrast, color, noise filtering system, hyper real pictures and great control. In Kenya, they are digital with inbuilt digital decoders/ digital turner that gives you access to free to air TV channels.

Though there are much cheaper TVs in Kenya today with similar features, buying it is the best option. In terms of costs, Samsung TV prices in Kenya are much higher but this is compensated with their longevity, quality brand and customer support.

Detailed Review of Samsung TV In Kenya

Smart TV
Most Samsung TVs sold in Kenya today are smart TVs; they support internet connectivity. Furthermore, these smart TVs have inbuilt apps as well as a browser and popular social media apps like twitter and Facebook. They run on the Tizen platform since 2015.

Tizen has one of the best interfaces that is easy to operate and navigate. It supports both Wi-Fi and cable internet. Additionally, popular streaming apps like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu and HBO come pre-installed. Samsung TV prices in Kenya depend on whether the TV is a smart TV or not

Quality and Vibrant Colour Pictures
The TV uses hyper real picture engine and an advanced proprietary algorithm to deliver quality picture with true colours. It also has a wide colour enhancer to improve colour quality.

Depending on what you are watching you can switch to different modes from sports, movies music or news. In addition, each of this mode has been optimised to ensure you enjoy your TV watching experience.

Full Multimedia Support
The TV comes with full multimedia support; you can connect any device from laptop, USB, gaming devices, DVD and sound systems with your TV. Each TV comes with HDMI ports, USB ports, Video ports and cable ports. Additionally, the TV also comes with ConnectShare Movie that enables you play movies from your USB device by simply plugging and playing.

Digital TV
Ever since the digital migration in Kenya, all their TVs are digital TVs. This means that you can get access to over 50 free to air local channels on your TV without need for buying an external decoder.

This will save you money that you would have otherwise used on buying your decoder and also paying monthly fees. Currently most of the local channels in Kenya are on the free to air signal

Customer Support
In Kenya, the TV has established permanent presence with a head office and several sales and support centers.In addition, If you have any complains, feedback or technical issues after buying a Samsung TV in Kenya, you can contact their customer support for assistance. They have several customer service centers in major towns across the country. They have their headquarters in Westlands Nairobi.

TV Model Numbers
Though they produces a wide range of TV models from LED TVs, UHD TVs, 4K TVs and the QLED TVs, understanding their model numbering system will help you better understand the TV you are buying. Let’s take an example of the U55KS9000 TV model.

U means the TV is an LED TV, 55 is the screen size, 55 inch in this case, K is the year of manufacturer, K means 2016 model and S stands for series in this case series 9000. Here are the year letters in different TV models

  • F = 2013
  • H = 2014
  • J = 2015
  • K = 2016
  • M = 2017
  • Q = 2017 High End model

Comparison with Sony & LG
Samsung TVs have better picture quality than the average LG TVs. This however does not apply to LG OLED TVs which are much more superior. In terms of smart TV, LG has better smart features than the two.

Sony TVs are generally better in terms of picture quality and motion setting. In the Kenyan TV market, Sony is ranked above both TVs. Samsung TV prices in Kenya are generally higher.