Find quality Syinix TVs at best prices in Kenya. Read our detailed Syinix TV reviews, including features, specs and updated Syinix TV prices in Kenya.

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Despite being a new TV brand in Kenya, Syinix TVs have grown and is among the top selling TV in Kenya. The TV comes with a simple, elegant finish, is easy to use and optimized to enhance user experience. One key selling point of this TV is its pocket friendly prices. Syinix TV prices in Kenya are affordable to the common man. What to know current Syinix TV Prices in Kenya?  Read our detailed review to know the origin of Syinix TV, available TV models, features, specs and prices of each Syinix TV in Kenya. There are several Syinix TV models in Kenya, from the 32 inch to 55 inch models. Even though all models are Digital and have similar features, not all have smart TV capabilities.

Origin of Syinix TV

This TV is manufactured by Syinix Home appliances, a Japanese brand with the tag line ‘For A Better Life’. The company also manufactures other home electronics like blenders, fridges, microwaves, ovens, juicers, washing machines etc. All their products are available in Kenya.The company aims at providing more practical electronics for most homes in the developing world. In 2016, they entered into a partnership with Transsion Holding to handle its brand in Africa. Transsion Holding is a global Chinese company that operates in emerging markets. Some of its brands include Infinix, itel and Tecno. Syinix TV prices in Kenya are very affordable

Detailed Review Of Syinix TV In Kenya

Crisp, Clear Picture with HD Display
The TV produces crisp clear pictures for an advanced viewing experience. With this TV, you will definitely enjoy a true to life color images. Additionally, you do not have to worry about HD content as the TV supports HD. This TV also adds aesthetic value to your home as it has a sleek narrow design that blends perfectly with any decor and other electronics.

Digital TV
All Syinix TVs in Kenya are digital TVs which means you can watch free to air TV without buying a decoder. In Kenya, we have over 50 free to air channels that your TV can receive. All you need to do is connect your antenna and search using the digital tuner.

Smart TV
If you are looking for a pocket friendly smart TV, then you should go for the Syinix Smart TV. Smart TVs allows you to connect to the internet and allows you to download apps including TV streaming apps for you to stream your favorite TV shows. Its Smart TV runs on android platform which is used by most smartphones.

Infused with Technology for Better Performance
It has incorporated technology to ensure improved performance and better user experience. It has a picture quality improvement algorithm & clean view picture enhancer that clears any picture distortion and improves picture quality. Additionally, it has a wide colour enhancer to improve colour quality. For audio quality, the TV has an automatic noise leveller that automatically balances audio output to ensure you have quality well balanced sound.

Multimedia Connectivity
With this TV, you can view content from a variety of sources as it has multiple ports including; 2 AV in, 1 USB, 2 HDMI & 1 VGA port. With the USB port, you can watch movies and music via USB memory drive. HDMI ports allow you connect your TV to laptop, DVD player and other smart devices. Furthermore, the television comes with a Personal Video Recorder (PVR) where you can record your favorite TV shows onto a memory stick (flash disk or hard disk) and watch later.

2 Years Warranty
Buying this TV in Kenya is highly recommended as it comes with a 2-year warranty. In Kenya most TVs have a warranty of 1 year, which means Syinix are very confident that their TV is of good quality and can last for 2 years without giving you and problem. Syinix TV prices in Kenya is generally affordable. In fact, if you are looking for a quality TV on budget, then you should definitely look at this TV.