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Sony 32 Inch TV|Review, Specs and Price

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Sony 32 Inch HD Smart Digital LED TV

The Sony 32 Inch HD Smart Digital LED TV is an amazing TV with incredible features and superior performance. Sony is currently the best TV brand in the world in overall quality. The 32 inch Sony TV comes in 3 models, Sony 32 Inch HD Smart Digital LED TVSony 32 Inch HD Digital LED TV and the Sony Bravia 32 Inch HD Smart Digital LED TV. 

Sony 32 inch TV uses WXGA display technology that generates razor sharp and clear images. it also generate best HD images and pictures. In addition, it has Motionflow™ XR technology, a revolutionary technology that reduces motion blur. This makes this the perfect television for watching fast moving entertainment like sports and action movies. Even the cheaper models are great in upscaling low resolution content, making for great TV viewing experience.

Sony 32 Inch TV Prices In Kenya

It is a misconception that Sony TV prices in Kenya are very expensive. The Sony 32 Inch HD Digital LED TV retails for around KES 23,000. The Smart and Bravia versions retails for slightly higher. Check Current Price!  With average prices of 32 inch TVs in Kenya at around KES 20,000, is you have an extra 3K, you should definitely go for the Sony 32 inch TV.

Sony 32 Inch TV ModelPrice In Kenya
Sony 32 Inch HD Digital LED TV See Price!
Sony 32 Inch HD Smart Digital LED TV See Price!
Sony Bravia 32 Inch HD Smart Digital LED TV See Price!

Key Features Of  Sony 32 Inch HD Smart Digital LED TV

  • Uses WXGA Display Resolution that are generate vivid clear pictures and best for HD videos
  • X-Protection Pro for solid protection against power surges, humidity, lightning and dust
  • Digital TV with  inbuilt decoder that allows you to watch free to air TV channels in HD
  • Motionflow™ XR technology that reduces motion blur
  • Digital noise reduction system to enhance sound clarity
  • Smart TV features
  • Advanced contrast enhancer that gives you the true contrast in pictured
  • Clear Resolution Enhancer and X Reality Pro to give crisp and high quality pictures
  • Wider viewing angle
  • Supports different picture and cinema modes for best viewing experience.
  • Clear Phase Speakers that provide for balanced and best quality sound
  • Dolby Digital Plus sound system for superior audio
  • PVR function for recording to memory stick
Key Features of Sony 32 Inch HD Digital Smart TV
Display32 Inch Screen
Full HD Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Clear Resolution Enhancer
VideoMotionflow XR 100Hz Engine‎‎ ,Film Mode
24p True Cinema™
Frame Dimming, Live Colour™
AudioClear Phase Speaker
Dolby Digital Plus
Digital Noise Reduction
Connectivity2 HDMI, 1 USB, 1 RF Cable, Ethernet, Inbuilt Wifi
Smartphone connectivity (Miracast)
Digital TVYES
Sony SMART Android TV, Web Browser, Streaming Apps
Additional FeaturesPower surge protection
X-Protection Pro
Low Power Consumption
1 Year Warranty

Why Buy the Sony 32 Inch HD Smart Digital LED TV

Expandable Full HD
The Sony 32 Inch HD Smart Digital LED TV uses LED-backlit panel that generates quality images with a 1366 x 768 pixels resolution. The TV’s Advanced Contrast Enhancer, 100 Hz Motionflow XR and Clear Resolution Enhancer work together to produce sharp, bright and vivid images. Additionally, Its compact design makes it ideal for small spaces. It is this thin modern look that turns the TV into the focal point of attraction for all guests visiting your home.

In-built Decoder
The built-in digital TV decoder allows you to connect to free to air channels without having to buy a new decoder to plug in. This helps you to cut down on extra costs incurred when purchasing a plug in decoder.

Supports both AC/DC Power
This feature is of benefit to those not connected to a national grid. TVs that support AC/DC powers allow people to watch their favorite shows while relying on battery as their primary source of energy. AC/DC powers do not jeopardize the TV performance. With the Sony 32 Inch HD Smart Digital LED TV , you will not notice any alterations in the picture quality as opposed to other TV sets whose image resolutions become undesirable.

Multimedia Support
This  Sony 32 Inch TV has 1 USB port, 2 HDMI ports, 1 AV port and a foreign port to view cable TV. The ports allow you to connect to your media technology of preference. On the other hand, the ports, through a USD and an HDD, allow one to watch movies and videos from external media. Moreover, the ports will enable you to take and save screenshots to your USB card.

Power Surge Protection
Power fluctuations and interferences are a common occurrence in our day to day lives.  All Sony TVs inbuilt power surge protection is specially designed to protect your TV set from damages that may occur from power surges. It ensures that your TV’s is in excellent condition and its performance at peak level. The inbuilt power surge also saves you money you would have spent on a TV guard.

Quality Sound
You will, beyond any reasonable doubt, appreciate the sound quality produced by the 32 Inch Sony TV. Each speaker has two channel speakers, sound technology and a 10W output that work together to ensure best audio quality. Additionally, the TV has an automatic volume leveler that controls volume output and ensures that only sound that is balanced and of high-quality that is produced.

Sony Smart TV
Sony 32 Inch HD Smart Digital LED TV is a Smart TV and runs on the Android platform. It allows you to connect the TV to the internet via an internet port or Wi-Fi access.  Sony smart TVs have inbuilt apps and steaming servings that enable the streaming of your preferred shows.