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TCL 32 Inch HD Smart Digital LED TV Review, Specs and Price

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TCL 32 Inch HD Smart Digital LED TV
Enjoy world class entertainment with the TCL 32 Inch HD Smart Digital LED TV in Kenya.  This TV has premium High Definition picture quality, best & balanced audio performance and numerous incredible features. The TCL 32 Inch HD Smart Digital LED TV is the perfect TV for your home entertainment. in fact, this TCL TV is among the list of recommended 32 inch TVs to buy in 2018.

It is important to note that there are two models of the TCL 32 Inch TV.  The TCL 32 Inch HD Digital LED TV and the TCL 32 Inch HD Smart Digital LED TV. They are the same in all aspects including built and performance with the difference being that one is a smart TV and the other is not. This creates a difference in pricing which one should be aware of when buying a TCL 32 inch TV. The smart TV price is slightly higher.

TCL 32 Inch TV Prices In Kenya

Buying a TCL 32 Inch TV is worth every coin as the TV is highly rated and has received positive reviews. The TCL 32 inch TV is affordable as the smart version retails for around KES 21,000 and the non smart version going for around KES 18,000. Check Current Price!

TCL 32 Inch TV ModelPrice In Kenya
TCL 32 Inch HD Digital LED TV See Price!
TCL 32 Inch HD Smart Digital LED TV See Price!

Key Features of TCL 32 Inch HD Smart Digital LED TV

  • 32 inch HD display screen
  • True Color technology for brilliant color and contrast
  • Energy efficient TV
  • Multimedia Support-HDMI, USB, VGA, 
  • Smart TV- access to internet
  • Pre-installed TV streaming services- Netflix, Hulu, HBO etc
  • Inbuilt digital decoder
  • Dolby digital sound system
  • Sleek and sophisticated design
  • 1 year warranty

TCL 32 Inch HD Smart Digital LED TV Features & Specs

TCL 32 Inch HD Smart Digital LED TV
Display32 Inch Screen
Display Resolution: 1366 x 768
720p Display Format
Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE)
VideoColor Temperature Control
178 degrees Viewing Angle
True Color Technology
Audio3D Noise Reduction
Auto sound balance
Digital Noise Reduction
Connectivity2 HDMI, 1 USB, 1 RF Cable, VGA
Mobile High-Definition Link
Ethernet port,EASY View
Digital TVYES
DVB-T2/C auto Digital Tuner
Roku Smart TV
Netflix, Web browser, Social Media,
Additional FeaturesAudio equalizer
Sleek & Sophisticated Design
Backlight Control

Why Buy The TCL 32 Inch HD Smart Digital LED TV

Brilliant and Excellent Picture Quality
The TCL 32 Inch HD Smart Digital LED TV uses TCL’s proprietary True Color technology. This enables the TV to generate brilliant, excellent and crystal-clear pictures with great color and contrast. Additionally, its 720p HD resolution, which is two times more than the standard HD resolution, ensures sharper crisper images and vibrant colors.

Multimedia Support
The TCL 32 inch TV is a multi functional, multimedia system as it has a variety of inputs to enable you connect it with a number of media devices. It has the following ports; HDMI, USB, SPDIF output, component video input, VGA input, composite video input, audio line-in and composite video/audio output.The USB allows one to easily play photos, videos and audio from external memory. The HDMI input enables connection to satellite or cable TV, gaming console, DVD/Blu-ray player or even stream and watch HD videos from your PC.

Dolby Digital Sound System
This 32 inch TCL TV compliments your TV experience with well-balanced and quality sound powered by Dolby Digital sound.  In addition, the sound can be optimized to suit whatever you are viewing whether news, music or movies. Additionally, it has an automatic sound leveler that ensures the audio volume is stable and well balanced.

Smart TV With Pre-installed Streaming Services
The TCL 32 Inch HD Smart Digital LED TV is a smart TV meaning it allows connectivity to the internet as it supports both LAN and WiFi connections. TCL 32 inch Flat Screen TV comes with several apps and pre-installed streaming services like Netflix that allows you to stream and watch your favorite series and movies.

Digital TV with Inbuilt Decoder
The TCL 32 inch TV is a digital TV that allows you to receive digital transmissions. Since the switch to digital transmission in Kenya, having a digital TV is important as it allows you to be able to receive free to air channels without the need of having a decoder.

TCL 32 Inch TV vs Hisense 32 Inch TV

If you are buying a 32 inch TV in Kenya, you might be torn on whether to go for TCL 32 inch TV or Hisense 32 inch TV. Both TCL and Hisense are Chinese brands that have entered the global TV scene. Together with Samsung, Sony and LG, they make the top 5 best selling TVs in the world. Both Hisense 32 inch TV and TCL 32 inch TV have similar features and no district difference in performance. The decision whether to buy a TCL or Hisense 32 inch TV is purely based on personal preferences and price.