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Vitron 19 Inch Digital LED TV Review, Specs and Price

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Vitron 19 Inch Digital LED TV

The Vitron 19 Inch Digital LED TV is among the cheapest TV in the Kenyan market that offers value for money. It delivers amazing picture clarity and sound quality that brings great entertainment straight into your home. This 19 Inch Vitron LED TV offers you an incredible value with its great features that ensure yours enjoy outstanding home entertainment experience. For anyone looking for a cheap tv in Kenya, this TV is the best best.

Vitron 19 Inch Digital LED TV Prices In Kenya

Vitron 19 Inch Digital LED TV is highly rated and has received positive reviews. The TV currently retails for around KES 7,000. Check Current Price!

Key Features of Vitron 19 Inch Digital LED TV

  • Digital TV with in-built decoder
  • Great contrast and resolution
  • Multimedia support : 1 HDMI, 1 USB, VGA, 
  • Energy Saving
  • Sleek and Elegant TV
  • Supports AC/DC power
  • LED Backlight for amazing display 
  • One year warranty

Vitron 19 Inch Digital LED TV Features & Specs

Vitron 19 Inch Digital LED TV in Kenya
Display19 Inch LED Screen
Clear & Quality Display
Main FeaturesScreen resolution: Dynamic Contrast Ratio
Screen type: Clear Motion
Digital DVB-T2 Free to Air
Connectivity1 HDMI input,1 PC audio in ,1 USB ,1 VGA,AV,RF
PowerEnergy Saving TV
Additional FeaturesUSB Playback(Movies,Pictures,Music)
1 Year Warranty

Why Buy The Vitron 19 Inch Digital LED TV

Display & Design
Vitron 19 Inch Digital LED TV has an amazing digital picture with lustrous LED display.  It uses LED display to give advanced picture quality with wide color enhancement. This improves the quality of all images and brings out hidden details as you see images with greater clarity like in real-life.The LED display gives unmatched consumer experience in term of quality. The brilliant LED backlighting display ensures you have crystal clear, vivid and true images .

Vitron 19 Inch Digital LED TV has a sleek, bezel design that brings exceptional sophistication to your living room. It blends well the home setting with ease to give you an outstanding feel and comfort. This makes the home more attractive for relaxation as it complements various home decor selections.

Multimedia Output
This TV has USB, Audio, HDMI, plug & play, RF, and AV ports to enhance your entertainment. The ports enable you to connect other devices to your TV and enjoy amazing viewing experience. The multi peripheral options are ideal especially when you have content you want to view on your TV like movies, shows, and video games.

The USB ports give you multimedia playback and you can also do software upgrades.  This 19 inch Vitron TV comes with inbuilt decoder giving you access to free to air channels and convenient viewing of paid channels without having to buy a decoder.

In addition, this TV has a powerful reading and identification functions that provide a better choice for your consideration.  It has a powerful stream media which helps you read video and audio files straight from your mobile devices anytime you want. It allows you to enjoy your music collection and browse your photos using the plug and play feature.

Ultra Low Power Consumption
Energy saving is an important feature when looking for a TV in kenya. The Vitron 19 Inch Digital LED TV in Kenya has a standby consumption of less than 1 watt and power consumption of 50 watts. This saves you electricity costs as you enjoy quality viewing for less. The TV has an ENERGY STAR rating. This means that it meets the standards for preventing greenhouse gas emissions according to the guidelines of the US Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Dolby Digital sound
Vitron 19 Inch Digital LED TV has superb speakers that use Dolby digital technology. The sound is crystal clear, noise free and untainted. This gives you a startlingly real entertainment and produces a sound that makes your TV programs and movies the center of the action.  The Dolby Digital sound provides great audio quality that meets the video quality expectations and creates an amazing entertainment experience.